Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kitchenaid: What are the different whipping stages of egg white?

Beating the egg white to make into a foam would be very critical. It requires proper timing, appropriate speed, at suitable temperature. With the aid of kitchenaid stand mixer, beating the eggwhite makes your whipping so easy. Here is a guide on how to beat egg white to desire whipping stage.

What you need: Egg whites at room temperature

Place egg whites in clean, dry bowl. Attach bowl and wire whip. To avoid splashing, gradually turn to designated speed and whip to desired stage. See chart below:

1 egg white gradually to 10
2-4 egg whites gradually to 8
6 or more egg whites gradually to 6

Whipping Stages:
Frothy - large uneven air bubbles
Begin to hold shape - air bubbles are fine and compact; product is white
Soft Peak - tips of peaks fall over when wire whip is removed
Almost Stiff - Sharp peaks form when wire whip is removed, but whites are actually soft
Stiff but not dry - sharp stiff peaks form when wire whip is removed. Whites are unifor in color and glisten
Stiff and dry - sharp, stiff peaks form when wire whip is removed. Whites are speckled and dull in appearance.

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