Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tempering Technique

Tempering is a heat treatment technique for metals, alloys and glass. Tempering is conducted by a controlled reheating of the work piece to a temperature below its lower critical temperature.

In baking tempering method is also applied before egg is added into a hot mixture. Tempering is accomplished to avoid coagulation or curdling of egg or egg yolk when added into a hot mixture and in order to achieve a more homogenized smooth batter.

How is it done?
Place egg, egg yolk, or any mixture with egg in a separate mixing bowl.
Take a small portion of the hot mixture and add it slowly into the egg mixture. Stir adequately to completely mix the egg with the hot mixture.

Pour the tempered egg into the hot mixture and stir gently until a homogenized smooth texture is achieved.



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